Spoiled Coconut in Pooja Is it a bad sign? | Dharma Sandehalu

Coconut is unique in many ways. It could be used as a water (Where we can drink the water as a coconut water), fruit, and also as a vegetable (It could be mixed with caries, sweet and eaten for dinner also).
In Hindu religion, the coconut tree is a principal seat in any function. Whenever we do any auspicious events, we break a coconut for our success. Why we break a coconut after or before auspicious events? It connected many texts (Granth) about coconut tree.Today we will know about coconut mythology in Hindu religion and powerful fact of coconut.
పూజలో కొబ్బరికాయ కుళ్ళితే మంచిదా | Spoiled Coconut in Pooja Is it a bad sign?
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