Kotipalli Someswara Swamy Temple Information

Kotipalli is a village located in Gangavaram mandal in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Kotipalli is located on banks of the river Goutami Godavari. 

Buses are available from Kakinada, It's take 1hr, 10 km From Drakskharamam 

Kotipalli ( Kotiphali ) Temple History :

Siddi Janardhana Swamy

Kotiphali Koteswarudu

Temple Timings:
Morning : 6am to 12 pm
Evening: 2pm to 8pm

Temple Address:
Sri Someswara Swamy Vari Devastanam 
Pin: 533306
East Godavari District,
Kotipalli Surrounding Temples List:
Draksharamam  ( One of the Pancharama Temple ), 33 km From Kakinda, 10 km from Kotipalli

Inavilli , 7 km From Kotipalli 

Murumalla ( 38 km From Kotipalli,  20 km From Ainavilli )
Pithapuam Padagaya ( 15 km from Kakinda )

( 12 km From Pithapuram )

Buses are available form Kotipalli  it will take 3 hrs Journey  

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  1. Kotipalli is an excellent place for obtaining the top most position in a life cycle of any person. Here, The Godavari is flowing, by name Gouthami, and it gives the good results for those persons, who take the bath in it, with crores of fruits worth of wisdom, by clearing their great sins.

    There is immediate necessity to complete train route between Kotipalli and Narasapur, via Amalapuram. For this central government has to sanction sufficient funds. The present railway station at THIS KOTIPALLI, is to be developed by 3 platpharms, for immediate introduction of trains on the existing train route,via Samalkot Junction - Nidadavol Junction - Bhimavaram Junction - / Palakol - Narasapur / - Gudivada Junction - Vijayawada Junction - Guntur Junction [ for visiting the important Pancharaa Kshetras and other tourist places. There is a necessity to introduce GANGA - GODAVARI SUPER FAST EXPRESS [ KOTIPALLI - SAMALKOT JUNCTION - NIDADAVOL JUNCTION -BHIMAVARAM JUNCTION - GUDIVADA JUNCTION VIJAYAWADA JUNCTION - WARRANGAL - BALARSHAH --- VARANASI ] & SRI HARI PADA SUPER FAST EXPRESS [ KOTIPALLI - SAMALKOT JUNCTION - NIDADAVOL JUNCTION - BHIMAVARAM JUNCTION - GUDIVADA JUNCTION - VIJAYAWADA JUNCTION - WARRANGAL - BALARSHAH - HARIDWAR - RISHIKESH ], as we are now celebrating Godavari Maha Pushkara Mahotsavam during the period of July, 2015 - August, 2016, in our Country, India. I hope the Hon'ble Prime Minister, may consider this aspect, as he is representing from Varanasi Loksabha constituency. Gullapalli Anjaneyulu, Advocate, Mobile No. : 09848369618


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