Significance Of Jeelakarra Bellam In Marriage | Marriage Secrets | Dharma Sandehalu

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Our traditions and rituals are associated with many subtle elements. There are hidden links to science, health, transparency and yoga. At each angle, you give each entrance. The cumin is also known as the serpentine in Sanskrit. Life is the meaning of life. The norm is the basis for the death of the serpent. Bella is called Sutham. Gudam means sleep and seduction. This is called pigeon.
పెళ్లిలో జీలకర్ర బెల్లం, సప్తపది ఎందుకంటే.?
Importance of Jeelakarra Bellam in Marriages,  Traditional Hindu Marriage Secrets, Gopuram,జీలకర్ర, బెల్లాన్ని ఎందుకు పెట్టిస్తారు,Jeelakarra bellam Pramukyam