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History of Srivilliputtur
Srivilliputtur is one of the old historical town, a 1000-year-old temple, 200-year-old Hindu School, 135-year-old Pennington Public Library are remarkable historical evidence for this culturally important town. Thiruppavai, one of the important constituent of devotional Tamil literature period was from this temple town.


History Of Srivilliputhur Temple

                   As the lord took rest here in the form of PIG, It was called VARAGA SHETRAM. Two brothers VILLI and KANDAN of hunter’s origins ruled a portion of the place

Once they went for hunting, the younger brother KANDAN was killed by a tiger Unknown of his death, VILLI searched for him everywhere. But could not find him. Out of tiredness, he slept. GOD appeared in his dream and revealed, the fate of KANDAN. He also told the king about his avatar for killing KALANEMI, the ASURA. He on saying that he now dwells under a BANIYAN TREE, in the VADABADRA VIMANAM in a reclining posture.

            He directed him to found a town and constructed a temple for him. With the divine blessings the king constructed the town. As it was made out of SAND MONDS it was known VILLIPUTHUR and as it was the birth place of GODDESS ANDAL is was called SRIVILLIPUTTUR. ANDAL it was called SRIVILLIPUTTUR.

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Srivilliputhur Surrounding Tourist Places

Ayyanar Falls
At the bottom of the Ghats about 12 kms west of Rajapalayam, there is a temple dedicated to Ayyanar that is very popular as a picnic centre. It is situated in the dense forest with its natural beauty and the small waterfalls dropping from a height of 15 feet, adds to its attraction.

Pilavakkal Dam
It is 90 kms from Madurai and 45 kms from Virudunagar. The dam consists 2 divisions and they are the Kovilar and Periyar Dam. The capacity of the Periyar dam is 192 mft and Kovilar Dam is 133 mft. From October to December, the dam will be full of water. It is one of the popular picnic spots in Virudunagar district. There is a Children Park with all facilities.

Other Spots :Kamaraj's House
he house were the great leader kamaraj was born has been converted into a memorial. The rooms are adorned with photographs of the leader at every stage of his life. A few of his clothes, his watch as well as articles used by him are displayed.

Srivilliputhur Temple Address:
Executive Officer
Srivilliputtur Andal Temple
Srivilliputtur- 626125
Tamil Nadu
Phone No: 04563-260254 

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