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చైత్ర శుక్ల పూర్ణిమ నాడు హనుమాన్ జయంతిని వైభవంగా జరుపుకుంటారు. ఈ రోజున హనుమద్భక్తులు రోజంతా ఉపవాసముండి, హనుమన్ చాలిసా పఠనం, రామనామ జపం చేస్తారు. శ్రీ ఆంజనేయస్వామి వారి జన్మదినం చైత్ర శుక్ల పూర్ణిమ రోజున జరిగింది కాబట్టి ఆ రోజున స్వామివారిని పూజించే వారికి అనుకున్న కార్యాలు సిద్ధిస్తాయని పురోహితులు చెబుతున్నారు.
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There’s a story narrated by Agastya Muni to Lord Ram in the Valmiki Ramayana, regarding Hanuman’s birth. Sri Hanuman is one of the 11 expansions of Lord Shiva, who came in monkey form to serve Lord Ram in his mission to annihilate Ravana.

One day, the wife of Lord of monkeys, Vanaraja Kesari was standing on the top of a mountain. Her name was Mother Anjana, one of the celestial nymphs (Apsara Menaka) in her previous life. Since she had disturbed Vishwamitra Muni, the way a monkey does, she was cursed by him to be married to a monkey and give birth to monkeys in her next life.

After her fervent prayers, he gave her a blessing that her son would be a portion of Lord Shiva and a great devotee of a particular form of Lord Vishnu. When she took birth as a human being, she was married to Vanaraj Kesari and was very charming and beautiful.

Vayu Deva, who was watching her from the heavenly kingdom became attracted to her and then, assuming a mystic form, mated with her and hence, Pawan Putra was born as ordained by the divine arrangements.

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