Significance Of Dhwaja Stambha | Dwajasthambam Darma Sandehalu

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The number of prostrations also varies and depends on the main deity or custom of the temple architecture. Before visiting the main deity (moolavar) inside generally pradakshina is done with number varying from 1, 3 5, etc. The broad significance of pradakshina in a clock wise direction is: By doing the pradakshina main deity is always in the center and we maintain equidistant from the center. The energy and grace which enters inside the human soul is immeasurable. When you do pradakshina you are faithfully and sincerely winding divinity around you. We are supposed to do the pradakshina of desired numbers and then enter inside to be with main deity. Of course all this is not possible in a temple like Tirupathi or in other crowded temples. In such case one has to be satisfied by doing atmapradakshina

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