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Tirumala Archana Ticket Booking and Darshan Latest Rules | Hindu Temples Guide


Tirumala Archana Ticket Booking Darshan rules

Archana refers to the recital of various names of Lord and seeking His divine blessings for the prosperity of the entire humanity.

Also known as Sahasranamarchana, this arjitha seva deals with the recitation of 1008 glorious names of Lord. The important feature of this particular seva is that the divine blessings of Lord are invoked in the Names and Gotras of the grihasta pilgrims who take part in this seva by paying requisite amount.

The Venkateswara Sahasranamarchana is unique to Tirumala shrine only and it is clearly mentioned in the inscription dated back to 1518 AD.

👉When  Archana Seva tickets will  be released?

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam is releasing tickets three months in advance, on 18th or 19th of every month. Selection is done through electronic Dip. First we need to register on TTD website or app.

👉 How many days are given to participate in electronic dip?

TTD is giving Two days to participate.

👉 How many people can book a ticket at a time?

Two persons can book a ticket.

👉 Should only couples can book ticket?

There is no rule saying that it can be done by a couple, any two or by a single person can book.

👉 How will we know that we are selected?

TTD is sending a message to the selected people, we can also check in the app.

👉 Can children be taken if the parents choose?

Children under 12 years are not allowed to go with parents.

👉 We have children over 12 years of age, what to do?

You have to register separately for them.

👉 Is it required to pay at the time of registration?

After selection only.

👉 Can I select other seva  along with Archana?

You can select other seva also.

👉 How much time is given to pay the amount? 

About 40 hours are given to pay and confirm seva.

👉 How much is Archana Seva ticket cost?

Archana Seva ticket price is 220/- rupees.

👉 Can I get money incase of cancellation?

No refund for cancellation. 

👉 Incase one person unable to join after booking for two, alone can attend seva?

There is no problem to attend single person.

👉 Can we take someone else in their place?

There is no possibility  like that, only registered persons have to attend.

👉 Archana Seva is held on which days?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

 👉 At what time does Archana Seva takes place? 

Early morning between 4:30 AM.

👉 What time should the ticket holders to report?

On the ticket itself TTD writes reporting time and we should be there by that time, usually all the devotees are in line by 3:30AM.

 👉 What about room for stay, is it including or need to book separately?

We have to book the room separately, If the room is not available online, we have to book it from the CRO office.

👉 Can we take 300/- ticket along with Archana seva?

We can book both, there is no problem.


👉 If we get Archana Seva this month, can we put draw for another Seva next month?

Suprabhata Seva, Thomala, Archana, Ashtadal Padapadmaradhana Seva are all one group and you are not allowed to book any other services for 180 days.

👉 Can we book the Kalyanam ticket if selected Archana Seva?

We  can book Kalyanam ticket there is no problem.

 👉 How many big laddus are given to those who selected for Archana seva?

 One small laddu only, need to buy if you wish more.

👉 What should be taken while going to Archana Seva?

Archana Seva ticket print out and Aadhaar card should be taken, Wear traditional clothes only.

 👉How to participate in Archana Seva lucky draw near CRO office?

Every day there is a lucky draw near the CRO office for mentioned sevas, we have to take Aadhaar card and register, Mobile number should be mentioned.


👉 Can I register for all sevas at CRO office?

Only for one seva is allowed.

 👉 What are the timings at the CRO office?

From 11 am to 5 pm.

 👉 When will the results declared?

By 6:30 pm, you will receive message if you are selected. Once you make the payment the ticket will be booked.

 👉Which website to book Archana seva?


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ప్రసిద్ద ఆలయాలు
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ఉచిత సంగీత క్లాసులు
రాశి ఫలాలు
పెళ్లి ముహుర్తాలు



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